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Small Shader (lefthand)

Specially designed for Black & Grey and realistic works, soft shade, beating is smooth, fast and power, making an easy and solid implementation of the grey.
CNC Cut Iron and hand carved frame, each machine is a unique piece, 10 wraps short coils wrapped with copper wire (OFC) on bakelite spools, it means they work in a very low voltage, and never get hot at all, each machine are setup and tested for optimal increased voltage, this tattoo machines is known for its high power working at very low voltage (5V)
Another good thing is that it may be used for color as well or larger set of needles, (turn up voltage for solid color).
Compact, solid, ergonomic, light and balanced frame.
Mirror polishing-black oxide finish on iron.
Running 90/95 Hz at 5/6V.

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