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tattoo art by victor portugal, Victor Portugal tattoos in Krakow Poland, surreal dark stuff tattoos

Victor Portugal

Visions Through Darkness

Seminar 2024

Hi my name is Victor Portugal, tattooer for over 30 years, born in Uruguay, living and working in Cracow, Poland and Texas, USA. 

Tattooing for me is a ritual of bringing out contrast and depth of a design & building up a detailed texture is what gives a realistic feel to the oniric character of my art. For that reason I decided to elaborate this professional Workshop/ Seminar that I'll share with all of you. It's a lifelong passion that makes me strive for perfection.

Welcome to my ultimate Black & Grey Seminar where I'll be sharing everything I've learned in the past 3 decades of tattooing. I'm excited to teach and help others learn from my experience. Let us embark on this educational journey together and explore the fascinating world of Surrealistic tattooing.

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Grow Your Vision

In this seminar you'll learn everything about my 3rd dimensional effects, drawing, composition, flow, originality in the design and the proper techniques to improve in Dark-art tattooing and how to build the depth to create the oniric atmosphere in the tattoos.

Learn how to get the 3rd dimensional atmosphere in your tattoos 

The 3rd dimensional effects always been a recognisable characteristic of my work, learn how to build step by step those iconic effects of floating elements to boost the visual impact of your work.

Long lasting tricks and the right aging in the tattoos

Common mistakes in the Black & Grey tattooers is the abuse of realistic effects, and the weak shades that surely will disappear in a short period of time. 


Creative Visions 

I'll focus on the most important things that I consider during the creative process:

Design, dark surrelistic way, my own vision and evolution of my style through the years.

How I come with this surrealistic ideas?


Anatomical Intervention

Composition and flows with the body, visual impact (according to anatomy)

Contrast, movement and balance

3D effects concept


Eternally in the skin

Even with the natural aging process of the skin, longevity, tricks for a long lasting piece of art its realistically possible.

From coils to rotaries (my transition (+ and -) 

Materials that I'm using after 30 years of investigation (personal technique) 

What's coming next in the Black & Grey?

One on one Seminar

Only in Krakow, Poland

(Available in English,Spanish,Polish and Italian)


One on one Seminar

My private, one-on-one seminars are designed to provide a personalized experience that caters to the specific needs of each participant. These seminars can be scheduled on any date and are tailored to ensure that participants receive the highest level of attention and guidance. During the seminar, we work collaboratively on a tattoo, providing detailed instructions to ensure that the tattoo is executed with precision and accuracy. Additionally, we conduct a comprehensive portfolio review, offering valuable insights and feedback to help participants enhance their skills and techniques. Available in English,Spanish,Polish and Italian


Online Seminar

"Participate in my exclusive online  seminar where you can observe my tattooing process and acquire valuable insights on how to achieve the painterly look of my tattoos. Benefit from hands-on experience and personalized guidance from me to enhance your techniques and elevate your craft." Please let me know if you have any further requests or preferences.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to take your skills to the next level and I look forward to welcoming you to my seminar.


Build your custom program

 Let me know your preferences and level, and I'll create a customised plan just for you. Get ready to take your skills to the next level!

We kindly request that only individuals who meet this criteria attend the event. Our goal is to provide you with valuable insights and knowledge that will help you enhance your skills and take your craft to the next level. We appreciate your dedication to the art of tattooing and look forward to having you join us at the seminar.

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